Behind the confusion and uncertainty that exists today on every hand lies the craft and power of the great spiritual being which Jesus called "the ruler of this world," the Devil. Despite the recent surge of interest in the occult and Satanism there is still a woeful ignorance on the part of Christians everywhere as to how to deal with the Devil and his wiles.

Much is being written today about dealing with demonic influence and possession, but the Christian world seems to know little or nothing about how to recognize the indirect control of believers through what the Bible calls the "the flesh" and even less about what to do with it.

It is the purpose of this book to give help where it is most needed: in the day-to-day conflict where the Devil's craft reaches us in terms of hostilities, worries, resentments, fears, disappointments and nameless depressions of spirit. Here is where the great spiritual issues are really won or lost, and where the eat resources of Christ are more needed than at any other time.

I gladly acknowledge my great debt to the fine series of studies by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Ephesians 6, published serially in The Westminster Record, and to the pastoral staff of Peninsula Bible Church for their unfailing encouragement.